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How having a supportive mother leads to success!

We all know that being successful is within everyone of us.

We can achieve it no matter the race, no matter our background or our financial

status. It's all about priorities, about setting goals and creating actionplans towards

those goals.

Now I already hear a lot of people say that it's not true and that some have

it easier than others. True aswell. It ain't black or white. Life is grey.

That's the point of this blog post. Yes, you can achieve it alone. Yes, everyone

can follow their dreams. But Yes, some things make it easier.

Like having a supportive mother.

Everyone has a story. I have one aswell. The people who follow me already

know that. For the onces who don't.. Read this article first.

I wouldn't be the person today if it wasn't for my mom. And at my age, it's

not a hot topic to talk about your mom or your parents. I think a lot of people

only recognize their quality when it's too late. When they don't get the chance to

say it anymore. Well I don't. I see it now.

I've been through heaven and hell. And my mom has always been there and

has always been supportive.

I am one of the lucky few people who walk this earth and can say that they had

the freedom to become what they wanted to be. Even when I was a child, I was

very stubborn. I wanted to be an artist. I had big dreams about becoming an

artist. So I ended up in art school.

No. Not by my choice. It was actually a suggestion from my parents.

My mom saw what I wanted to do and suggested to go to art school. I never

even had to ask. I was the only kid in my class who didn't had to nag their

parents to go there. I was happy and confused. Why didn't the other

parents want their children to go to an art school?

I found an answer to that question at the end of my education. When I was ready

to find a job. There are no jobs out there for artists. THAT'S WHY!

Then it hit me.. Friends, family, strangers,.. they all said 1 thing: It's time to give up

on your dream and get into the real life. Everyone.. except 1 person. My mom.

She is the one who always told me not to give up on my dreams. No matter

what, no matter who is against you and no matter what is holding you back.

She is the one that kept me sane at that time. Thanks to her support I was able

to follow my own path without judgement. I was free, but I was never alone.

I said 'no' to a lot of good jobs, to a lot of amazing opportunities for 1 thing only.

To follow my heart and to do what I want to do. A lot of parents would have

freaked out. I said no to stability to jump into the unknown.

(And for those of you who wonder.. no, my mom isn't an entrepreneur)

I had so many setbacks, life kicked me down more than it should have, I had

lost jobs, lost friends, lost family,... and during all these ups and downs.. there

was always 1 person cheering on the sideline saying..


Don't give up now, you're so close! You're almost there. Look at how much you

have grown! Keep going! Don't let it stop you. Don't let them get you down.

Follow your road and adjust your sails.

It was.. my mom.

Today I'm at a point in my life where I am completely relaxed and happy with where

I am and what I am doing. Is it perfect? HELL NO!

But I achieved the dream I had when I was a kid. I achieved the dream I had when

I was 18 years old. I achieved the new dream I had when I was 22. I even achieved

one of my biggest dreams of helping a homeless man of the streets.

And now I am on my way to achieve a new one. On the road to success, it's not the end goal that matters. It's the road.

The goals always adjust along the way. They get bigger every year, with every

new step you achieve, you unluck a new part of yourself and you grow bigger

than you can imagine.

I am happy that I still have my mom next to me today. Still cheering for my

new goals. And even though I drive her crazy from time to time.. she always has

my back. And for that. I am thankful. Because without her.. the road would have

been so much harder. I would have doubted myself so much more.

And without her.. I wouldn't be as strong as I am today.

Thank you, mom! Now I say to you.. Never let anyone dull your sparkle!!!

You're amazing and I could have never had a better mom than you!

Your daughter.


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