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Social Impact Marketing: The next BIG thing!

Why is Social Impact Marketing, or Ritch Marketing, the nex big thing?

There are 2 reasons:

Those of you who have heard about storytelling & content marketing know that those are hot topics right now as a marketeer. If you don't engage in content marketing you will feel the loss. Consumers have enough of the constant advertising and create a 'blind spot' for them. They also love to be inspired and want to enrich their lives with things that make them laugh, that touch them or ideas that inspire them to grow.

We all know that it's not about the company anymore. It's all about the customer and what he or she loves to see.

But the thing is.. all the stories out there are beautiful and fun.. but how many of them are true? How many of them are reality?

Only a few.

Ritch goes the extra mile.

RITCH does not just tell stories.. RITCH creates stories!

Stories that have a ripple effect and give something back to the world.

Every project is real. With real people and a real impact!

We get the customers involved in the project, the network, the employees, the partnerships.. We bring everyone together and create a warm community.

That brings me to the 2nd reason why Social Impact Marketing is the next big thing.

The rise of the sociopreneurs has already started a while ago. Entrepreneurs are starting to see that the government isn't taking care of their social responsibilities.. and that they are lost in administration and rules. Companies know that consumers take more notice to companies that engage in social actions, and consumers even want to pay more to companies that do something extra for society.

More and more companies are starting to take responsibility for social causes.

And that's the way to go. Look at the video below and find out if you are touched by this story. By example.. we guided a homeless person to change his life thanks to collaborations

with companies we met during the organisation of this project.

Social Impact marketing is a win win situation for all who participate in the project.

We try to make the world a better place by doing business at the same time.

And by using the same amount of money, we create an impact that lasts..

What inspires you? What do you want to change in this world?

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