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Project Branson - Mathieu Gijbels

The first step has been made!


For those who don't follow the RITCH projects..

A few months ago we transformed the life of a homeless man #MishasMission because we wanted to raise awareness for social good in general. Misha, the homeless person, received new shoes (TORFS), new clothes (JBC), a day at the hotel (MARRIOTT), a haircut (YES SALONS),.. and a job interview.

RITCH filmed the entire day and created a story that showed up on social media.

Each week a part of the story was released to help him find a job.

Through Wouter Torfs, CEO of the Shoe company, TORFS, we've met Herman Verwimp, Marketing & HR director of the Mathieu Gijbels company.

Herman Verwimp & the Mathieu Gijbels team had an open mind towards Misha's story. They were willing

to give him a job interview but first we needed to give them Misha's resume, made by Misha himself.

Then they would open their doors and give him a chance to a job interview and see if there is a match.

This company was different than all the other companies we've met so far. They gave us a beautiful balance between doing business and social good. And this is exactly what project Branson is

all about. Balance between helping others but making sure your own company is healthy and strong too.

Because in the end that's what it's all about. You can't help others, unless you help yourself.

Unless your own company is strong and healthy too and does what it needs to do.

For RITCH, this is the key to make social impact work. Go with all of your heart, but take your brains with you. The more you grow, the more you can do for the world.

For us, Mathieu Gijbels is the perfect company to start this project. We start with the end of Misha's Mission. And build something new from here.

We are very excited to see where the mobile phone is going next!

Want to see more about Mathieu Gijbels? Visit their website: or social media!


Head Office Europe:

Belgium, Brussels


Tel: 0032 491 22 26 62

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