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Misha's Mission: The reality behind the success story.

Did we succeed in our Mission?

For now.. YES!

We have found a job for Misha and a home.

It took us a while to start writing about it. It all happened so fast.

And we can never forget the human side of all this story.

And I don't mean Misha, I mean us, all the partners, the people behind the scene.

I am the one who started this project, with a lot of confidence, knowing that if I want

something to succeed, I will make it happen. And as a lot of you people know..

creating something, doing something that's out of your comfort zone comes with ups and downs.

While I was doing the project, a lot of people told me that what I was doing was 'big' and brave.

I never saw it that way. I saw Misha as part of us, part of society who just needed a small push.

But when Misha signed the contract. It hit me.

What did just happen?

Did I really do this? Did I just change his life by making a decision and just do it?

Have I done the right thing for everyone?

Signing the contract suddenly made it more real for me.

And it's not just signing the contract. It's seeing Misha as a friend now. It's seeing

how happy he is with everything. People who followed our story must see the difference in his

eyes from start to finish. It's an amazing feeling. It's something I never felt before.

But... this is not the finish line.

Fons (Volenteer at 'Chez Nous') and I took Misha to Waregem, where he could sign his

contract and see his new home. Misha fell asleep in the car the entire time.

We started laughing because it was funny. Sometimes he said 1 sentence and then fell asleep again.

I asked him why he was so tired.

And he told me this:

"For years now I have been wandering around with a huge pile of rocks on my shoulders. Carrying

it day in and day out, with no option to rest. And now, today it's like that huge pile of heavy rocks

fell of my shoulders and the weight is gone. There is room to be happy now."

And with those words you know that this is more than a project. It's human. It's reality.

Misha is now at work for more than a week. And everything is still going great. But the project is only a success for us if we can keep it this way. Therefor BeBoosted contacted VDAB to give him the help he needs.

We are still following Misha, we keep in touch with him and his boss. And we are trying

to give him official coaching so we can keep calling this a success.

And not just wrap up and leave him.

Because coming from the streets to a whole new life can be big.

Or maybe.. looking at his face and seeing him this happy..

We are more concerned about his well being than he is.. :)

To be continued....


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