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Misha's Mission: Why a marketing company wants to help a homeless person.

Misha's Mission. The story of a homeless person in need. Searching for a new life. A new hope.

An answer to the question: 'Why are you doing this?'

The answer is simple. There is more to life than just marketing.

Everything, everybody is connected to each other.

We pass by homeless people every day. Are they less worthy to help them grow?

Just because they don't have money?

We, BeBoosted, don't think so.

We've got 2 choices. We either put our money, energy and time into marketing acts

that help us grow. Or we put our money, energy and time in this good cause, that

will help everyone grow. Yes, of course we are being seen meanwhile.

But choosing another path will get us seen too. It's a well thought choice to take this road.

And try to help someone else by what we do.

This road isn't easier than other one. No. It's even harder. It takes more time and more

energy from us. Even 2 of our team members (Including me) got into an accident while shooting the film. And what did we do? We took care of the car, the paperwork and went on with our day.

Nothing could stop us from finishing this project. Because someone was counting on us.

We promised someone in need that we would deliver.

And that got us back on our feet again and again.

BeBoosted wanted to show that if companies work together, that they are capable of achieving

so much more. We all have our own expertise, quality and experience.

And if we put that together.. we can do so much. In this world so many people think different. And thinking different seems 'wrong' in politics, in

war in every fight you see on the news. But thinking different isn't a bad thing.

It means you can learn from each other. You can come together.

You can help each other grow. You can think bigger together and you can achieve so much more.

In Misha's Mission.. we want to show that to the world.

BeBoosted alone can't help Misha. That's why we tried to find partners who can think like us.

Who have the same idea we have and see the value of a good partnership too.

Together, we will be able to help Misha. And yes, together we can make a difference.

Véronique Hoex (communication coach) helped us through the interviews. Helped Misha

opening up to us. Helped Misha communicate to the companies and trained him for his job interview.

Driving Force Taxi took a load of our shoulders the day we guided Misha. He took us to all the

places we wanted to visit with Misha. And we had no worries the entire day about being on time,

finding parking space, traffic.. We could focus on what we needed to do. And that was a BIG HELP!

JBC helped us finding clothes for Misha's new job interview. They sponsored the entire outfit.

And coached him in the process of what would look good on him.

Torfs, an amazing company, already giving so much to those in need, sponsored Misha's

new shoes. So he could go to the interview with confidence. But that's not all they did.

Behind the scenes, Wouter Torfs, is helping us to find a job for Misha too.

Yes Salons (Hairdresser) gave Misha a new haircut. Yes! loves to participate in projects like this

aswel. Because they are convinced that helping others can make such a big difference in their lives.

Marriott Hotel (Courtyard Brussels) .. They were already convinced by the first sentence we said to them. They have an amazing team. Without judgement they offered Misha the best room of the

entire hotel to get him ready for the job interview and they gave him 1 night for free in the same room. Breakfast inclusive.

Carro-Bel. The company that wanted to give him a job interview! To open doors for him in their company, or other companies who are inspired by this story.

We thank them for the chance they gave Misha.

Brasserie Bijgaarden gave the entire team a free diner. After a long and hard day, sitting together with the entire team, with partners and people who worked behind the scenes, this must have been one

of the most beautiful moments of the day. Misha was no longer 'a homeless person'.

At Brasserie Bijgaarden, we got the chance to get to know Misha a lot better. He had less stress,

he was happy with the entire day..

..and Misha? He became a friend!

This project may seem like just another marketing act for some. To us, it was so much more than that.

Misha became a friend to us, we still see him, we are still trying to help him behind the scenes. And we will keep seeing him in the future.

All the companies sponsored their service or goods. We saw that there is still so much good in the world. And we already saw what we wanted to achieve.. people coming together, working together.

And making things bigger and better.

This already is a succes. A social succes. It's social good!


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