"Every risk is worth taking as long as it's for a good cause, and contributes to a good life."



Or can we make it sooner? 

RITCH wants to meet Richard Branson! We would love to know his ideas about social impact, keeping balance between CSR & the financial side of doing business. What is Virgin Airlines doing? And how are they doing that? 

A lot of belgium entrepreneurs can learn from him and that is exactly why we want to meet him! To inspire others! 


A mobile phone will travel the world until we reach Richard Branson. We, RITCH Europe, will give this mobile phone to a carefully selected company that has to pass the phone to another entrepreneur. 

That entrepreneur has to do the same thing.. until we reach Richard Branson himself. 


Who are we going to meet on the road? Which entrepreneurs will get their hands on this phone? We have no idea. This project is about letting go of control, perfectionism and to live in the moment. Are we going to reach our goal? And will there be amazing stories on the way to our goal? Which entrepreneurs will give an extra touch to the project? And can we make it bigger? 

Will it end up somewhere else? 

Follow us on social media and find out ! 

UPDATE 1: We failed at Project Branson because our original story changed too much on the road. We are taking a temporary break

UPDATE 2: Project Branson is on the road again! New energy, new entrepreneurs, new vibes, new rules.. but the same project! September 2019


21 March 2017

- We welcome the first company: Mathieu Gijbels -


- Frank Bekkers, JOYN - 

The 2nd company to join project Branson!

Herman Verwimp (Mathieu Gijbels NV) & Frank Bekkers (Founder of Mobile Vikings and CEO of JOYN) meet each other to pass our mobile phone! 

We welcome Frank to our project and we are happy to learn more about www.JOYN.be  

We are now 1 step closer to meet Richard Branson. 

Keep following us!

- Dennis Vangeneugden, NURAMA - 

The 3th company to join project Branson!

Dennis Vangeneugden (left) and Frank bekkers (right) JOYN are transferring our mobile phone! One step closer to Richard Branson! 

Get closer to your customers with NURAMA!


visit www.NURAMA.com

- Davy Loots, MIMESYS - 

And we have reached 4th company to join our project.

Davy Loots (left) and Dennis Vangeneugden (right)  

created their own virtual transfer!

Do you own a 3D viewer?

Then you have to check this LINK!

MIMESYS, because the best meetings are holographic!


visit www.MIMESYSvr.com

- Ann Dries, BEST LOCAL - 

The fifth company to join Project Branson! 

Wauw. I'm starting to see that all entrepreneurs that join the project are such diamonds. With such a good heart.!

Meet Ann Dries, she builds bridges to find WIN-WIN situations for everyone. Thank you Davy Loots from Mimesys for finding us a female entrepreneur in the project! 


visit www.BestLocal.be

- Gama Putra, I LOVE HASSELT - 

The sixth entrepreneur to join Project Branson! 

Gama brings companies closer together with.. LOVE!

He must be one of the most beautiful souls I've ever met. Very sweet and tender. And it's a lovely personality to discover. 

Sadly the word of project Branson got a bit confusing down the road. So we accepted the phone back again to give it a second try in a few weeks. Better this time.


visit www.Ilovehasselt.be

- Frederik Olyslager, AFAS SOFTWARE - 

After being silent for a while.. Project Branson is BACK! 

The seventh company to join our project is AFAS software.

Again, I have the feeling that this project is 'collecting' the same minded people. Entrepreneurs, managers,.. with the same core value as ours. I must say that meeting this company was very different to others I have ever seen before. It was a bit like visiting 'home'. Their employees are all very warm and friendly and they designed a place where people can come together. Rather than a office space. Very cool.


visit www.afas.be


After more than a year of taking a break. Project Branson is back on the road!

We are very happy to start over again with new energy, new 'rules' and a new mindset! 

Are we going to make it this time? 

Maybe we will. Maybe we won't. Time will tell. 


September 2019

- Joost Renson, PLANT A FLAG - 

We met this amazing young entrepreneur with the same vibe and energy we have. He gave us hope again in this project. And he is the reason why we started PROJECT BRANSON 2.0

His motivation to make our dream happen was exactly what we needed! He knows the path and creates opportunities for us while walking on the same road! 

Together we can achieve much more!! 

visit www.plantaflag.com