The core values of Ritch Europe are found in the story of the creator of the Ritch brand, Daisy Lynch. As you can see in the video above Daisy Lynch has been sick herself for almost 12 years, knowing many hardships in the past. Thus understanding a lot of social causes by experience. She knows that it's not only about the physical hurt. Society and social acceptance can even play a larger part.


So who is she an entrepreneur with this experience? And wich core values of her are reflected in the brand that I'll be working with?

TRUST is one of the most important things for her and Ritch Europe.

Without trust, there is no business. Not in partnerships, not in employees and not in clients. Contracts do not bind people to your life or your business. The right character, the right vision, RESPECT, LISTENING and HONESTY do. Having the guts to tell people you've made a mistake and having the power & will to do everything you can to correct your mistake is the right attitude that will make you connect with people and partners.

Those are the first core values of Ritch Europe.

The second is even more important. We all help each other grow. We help you grow with knowledge, expertise and experience. Your financial return on investment will help others grow wich will create a domino effect on the world. We, at Ritch Europe, aim for this domino effect. Some things can look very small, but can have a very large impact on someone else. Therefor we want to work with companies who are sincere and who have the strength in them to put the social cause first at all times.


As you can see we LOVE win-win solutions because it's the only thing that will make sure relationships last forever. 

Being thankful is the last thing we want to add. 

We want to thank you for visiting our website, reading our brand statement and for taking the time to be interested in what we have to say. 


Together, we can.

- Ritch Europe - 


Head Office Europe:

Belgium, Brussels


Tel: 0032 491 22 26 62

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